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Personal injury is a very wide term. It means not only bodily injury but also psychological injury. For example:- if a person fractures his leg by falling on a wet floor; he has not only suffered physical injury but also humiliation of falling in public.  So, the basic objective of personal injury law is to safeguard the interests of the innocent injured party.

Personal injury law originated and grew out of the English system of justice and its principles were adopted by the United States system of justice and continued to grow. Today, it has become so vital that every state in the U.S.A. has specific personal injury law claims. Personal injury lawyer's basic objective is compensation to the plaintiff for the physical/emotional injury suffered due to an action (intentional/unintentional) of others. Personal injury law is also referred to as Tort law. Tort is a legal term referring to a civil wrong which might be intentional or unintentional. It deals with economic and non economic damages to a person's property, reputation and rights. Causes of Personal injury law claims could be classified under two broad categories

 Intentional torts

A. Negligence

Personal injury lawsuit is classified as a "negligence case" when due to someone's negligence /recklessness/ carelessness an injury is caused to the plaintiff. Common negligent actions are:-

 Medical malpractices
 Defective products
 "Slip and fall" cases
 Automobile accidents
 Accidents at work
 Aviation accidents
 Food poisoning
 Incorporates mental/dental injuries

These also include industrial diseases such as chest diseases, occupational deafness and occupational stress.

B. Intentional Torts 
A wrongful act done intentionally and not accidentally, inflicting injury on plaintiff is termed as an intentional tort. It includes-

1. Assault and Battery

In personal injury law, assault and battery are two distinct terms. ASSAULT is a threat of violence whereas battery is physical violence. Offensive touching of a person or an object/substance put in action by that person comes under the crime of battery. Molestation is a crime which comes under BATTERY.  If a plaintiff has not been touched, but, threatened, then the crime is called an assault.

2. Child Abuse


In terms of personal injury law, defamation is a false claim that harms or threatens to harm the reputation of a person, product, group or any entity .Defamation could be written as well as oral. Defaming someone in print is called libel and a false spoken statement about someone is called slander. Huge amounts could be recovered from such cases of personal injury law for inflicting mental as well as physical torture.

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Articles about Personal Injury Law

All about Head Injury Lawsuits in USA.
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Useful Tips
What type of compensation can I claim in case of a slip and fall accident?
A good personal injury lawyer will tell you that the type of cempensation that you claim in a sklip and fall case depend largely upon the nature of the case. The various types of compensation are : 1. compensation of Medical costs 2. compensation for damage to clothes 3. compensation for lost of income due to the injury 4. Compensation for the suffering due to the fall 5. General damages. Slip and fall cases are hard to prove in course, so it is always a good idea to get an experienced lawyer. Some of the things that you will need to prove are 1. Your injuries 2. Proof of hazardous area 3. Witnesses 4 Site reports of the incident 4. photos of the scene. If you intend to file a claim for damages or compensation, we suggest you to hire a good personal injury lawyer.

What compensation can I seek for a swimming accident?
A good personal injury lawyer will tell you If a Swimming accidents occurs in navagable water, it attracts admiralty maritime law, however if a swimming accident occurs in a swimming pool it attracts the States negligence law. The the case of a swimming accident, one can seek General damages which are a direct result of the accident (such as suffering due to the injury) and special damages, which could be a compensation for lost income during the period of injury. The swimming pool owner can held liable for causing the accident if adequate precautions were not taken to make the pool safe for swimming. The liability of the swimming pool owner varios from state to state. If you intend to file a claim for damages or compensation, we suggest you to hire a good personal injury lawyer.

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